BDS LED Operatory LightTips That Will Improve Your Dental Lighting

In the field of dentistry, a major role is played by good lighting. Lighting is not only used for the doctor to work on the patient, but it can also create an aura in the office that will help both patients and dentists to feel at ease inside of a dental clinic.

Therefore, it’s important for dental offices to put a good amount of focus on the type of lighting that will be used in their office for a more efficient environment.

The Two Functions of Dentistry Lighting

  • Work lighting
    Work lighting is used by the dentist when working on a patient in order to help them complete tasks with as much precision as possible. This type of lighting should be bright and powerful enough to take away any mistakes that could be made if poor lighting was used, particularly when it comes to cosmetic work on the mouth.
  • Room lighting
    Room lighting helps set the tone of the room. Good lighting makes the room feel more comfortable for the patient. When lighting is not the best, it can lead to eye-strain for both the dentists and the patients.

How to Determine The Best Operatory Lights

The operatory room of a dentist office is where most of the work takes place. Therefore, most of the dental equipment is found in here. An underrated part of this equipment are the lights that are used.

These lights are mounted to either the wall, the ceiling, a cabinet, or a delivery system. They have a variety of arm swing options and lengths. Different dentists have different ways they do their work, therefore the way their lights are used are often different. It’s important that dentists understand how these lights are installed so they can use them to their full capacity.

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